3 Shamans

In the heart of the Himalayan hills, shamans travel through the intangible. Their souls explore the world of spirits and ancestors to relieve human beings from their pain. Each one has their own methods: 3 stories: 3 frames of mind; 3 shamans.

Aurore Laurent and Adrien Viel are filmmakers and photographers. Inspired by filmmakers like Dreyer, Herzog and Tarr, and influenced by anthropology, they wish to speak of the realities of the contemporary world and human encounters that they find far more entrancing than fiction. It is with this approach that they co-directed their first feature documentary Aadesh Baba, shot in Nepal in 2009. 3 Shamans, also shot in Nepal, is their second feature documentary. In 2014 they published their first photo and text book at Naïve livres publishing company that comprises of stories from their shamanic meetings in Nepal.

Original Language
Ghale, Nepali, Tamang
Directed By
Adrien Viel, Aurore Laurent
Produced by
Adrien Viel, Aurore Laurent
Edited by
Adrien Viel, Aurore Laurent, Julie Hassid
Charles Dubois
Adrien Viel, Aurore Laurent
Contact Info
Aurore Laurent & Adrien Viel,
879 avenue Jean Jaurès,75019
Paris, France

Email: aubamapa@yahoo.fr
Website: www.3chamans.com