Footprints in the Desert

The film is a human story set against the India- Pakistan Border snaking across the vast expanse of the golden sands of Rajasthan. Abdul, 85 years, with an ancient mysterious knowledge, reads the footprints which cross the border. Alhadeen, 35 years, is a Muslim Aulia who travels along the border in search of people who need help. He finds the people, their pain, joy and longing for the other side.

The footprints tell the stories of real people and real emotions, which cannot be contained by drawing a line of artificial separation. The people along the border do not ask which nationality or religion you belong to before offering food, shelter and water. Even if you are from the other side they don’t turn you away. They know they are tied by bonds of poverty, misfortune and history. The story is interwoven through more than 60 years of pain, longing & love that rarely comes through in narratives of the tumultuous relationship between the two countries.

Balaka Ghosh is a filmmaker based in Kolkata, India making films for the past two decades with several National Awards and International acclaim to her credit. Films about people and social issues are her forte. Her film “The Vehicle with the soul of a Man” was screened at 27 international film festivals including Cannes, Cinema du reel, Tampere, Uppsala, Munich, Berlin, San Francisco, Bilbao among others. “Footprints in the desert” is co-produced by NHK Japan. 
Original Language
Hindi, Rajasthani
Directed By
Balaka Gosh
Produced by
Kumud Ranjan
Edited by
Rana Banerjee, Takehiro Akiba
Chinmoy Nath, Kenji Nakano
Balaka Ghosh
Kumud Ranjan
Contact Info
Balaka Ghosh/Next Story
P-55, CIT Road, Scheme VI M
Kolkata 700054, India