The Journey Within

Synopsis: Post 9/11 and in the midst of various challenges faced by Pakistan, a quest for self-identity leads the inspirational journey of a music show to help reclaim the rich and vast musical heritage of this region. In doing so The Coke Studio has now become one of the biggest music initiatives from this side of the world, making an impact globally and bringing together unique talents of various cultural backgrounds and genres including but not limited to folk, Sufi, rock, pop and rap music.

About the Director:Mian Adnan Ahmad is an award winning filmmaker from Pakistan whose work has screened in Asia, Europe and North America including being part of the First Cut showcase held at the Directors Guild of America (DGA) headquarters in Los Angeles and New York.He has been a finalist in a screenwriting competition held by the Royal Commonwealth Society and a recipient of the Fulbright Scholarship to pursue a graduate program in film Production in the U.S, where he also received the Leo Freedman Award for his work. His film “Heal” has possibly received more awards than any film written and directed by a Pakistani filmmaker, winning on more than 20 occasions at competitions and film festivals worldwide, including receiving the festival’s highest prize multiple times while competing against feature length films, documentaries and Oscar nominated short films.

Original Language
English, Punjabi, Pushto, Saraiki, Urdu
Directed By
Mian Adnan Ahmad
Produced by
Mian Adnan Ahmad
AdilHashmi, Juan Carlos Diaz
Edited by
Yukako Shimada
AdeelBabree, Jeffrey Rhoten, Saad Hassan Khan
MianNauman Ahmad Kakakhel
Dani Sanchez-Lopez
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Email: TheJourneyWithin.Film@gmail