Tomorrow We Disappear

Delhi´s most fascinating community at the Kathputli Colony is home to over 3.000 artists, magicians, acrobats, puppeteers and their families. When their home is sold to real-estate developers these street artists must find a way to unite—or splinter apart forever.

Jimmy Goldblum is an Emmy Award-winning documentary director based in Brooklyn, New York. He won the Emmy for New Approaches to Documentary for Live Hope Love, an interactive documentary he produced for the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting in 2008. He also wrote, filmed, and produced The Institute for Human Continuity (2012), which is widely considered one of the most successful transmedia campaigns of all time.

Adam Weber is an editor, director, and writer who has worked for major film and TV studios in both New York and Los Angeles. Weber edited Michel Gondry’s “Is The Man Who Is Tall Happy?” an animated documentary about Noam Chomsky, which Indiewire named one of the top three documentaries of 2013. Weber was an assistant editor on Gondry’s “The Green Hornet” and previously worked as the apprentice editor on Quentin Tarantino’s ‘Inglourious Basterds.’

Original Language
English, Hindi
Directed By
Adam Weber, Jimmy Goldblum
Produced by
Adam Weber, Jimmy Goldblum, Joshua Cogan
Edited by
Hye Mee Na, Isaac Hagy
Tom Paul
Joshua Cogan, Will Basanta
Contact Info
Youn Ji,
Spittelberggasse 3/14,1070 Vienna,