Selected Films

Selected Films for Film Southasia 2015

We are excited to announce the list of selected films for this year’s Film Southasia. Since the conception of Film Southasia, we have held a high standard for the film that we select, not only limited to technical skill but also through the stories that filmmakers have tried to portray. We have also stayed inclusive of all the Southasian nations in our festival and we hope that we have stayed true to this aspect to Film Southasia. This festival celebrates the different stories of all our Southasian countries and we hope to keep this trend alive through this festival this year.


  1. 3 Shamans by Aurore Laurent & Adiren Viel (Nepal, 2014)
  2. A Political Life by Soe Arkar Htun (Burma, 2015)
  3. A Walnut Tree by Ammar Aziz (Pakistan, 2015)
  4. Accsex by Shweta Ghosh (India, 2013)
  5. Anjaan Rastay by Umair Ahmad Khawaja (Pakistan, 2015)
  6. Behind the Screen by Aung Nwai Htway (Burma, 2013)
  7. Being Bhaijaan by Shabani Hassanwalia & Samreen Farooqui (India, 2014)
  8. Big Time – My Doodled Diary by Sonali Gulati (India, 2015)
  9. Blood Leaves its Trails by Iffat Fatima (India, 2015)
  10. Brief Life of Insects by Tarun Bhartiya (India, 2015)
  11. Castaway Man by Kesang Tseten (Nepal, 2015)
  12. Cities of Sleep by Shaunak Sen (India, 2015)
  13. Drawing the Tiger by Amy Benson, Ramyata Limbu (Nepal, 2015)
  14. Feet Upon The Ground by Vipin Vijay (India, 2014)
  15. Footprints in the Desert by Balaka Gosh (India, 2013)
  16. Hockey In My Blood by Sandhya Kumar (India, 2015)
  17. I Cannot Give You My Forest by Nandan Saxena & Kavita Bahl (India, 2015)
  18. Japan in Nagaland by Hemant Gaba (India, 2015)
  19. Koti Waale Superstar by Farha Alam & Anuj Adlakha (India, 2015)
  20. Love Marriage in Kabul by Amin Palangi (Afghanistan, 2014)
  21. Muzaffarnagar Baaqi Hai by Nakul Singh Sawhney (India, 2015)
  22. My Name is Salt by Farida Pacha (India, 2013)
  23. News from Jaffna by Kannan Arunasalam (Sri Lanka, 2014)
  24. On and Off the Records by Pratik Biswas (India, 2014)
  25. Phum Shang by Haobam Paban Kumar (India, 2014)
  26. Red Ant Dream by Sanjay Kak (India, 2013)
  27. Saving Mes Aynak by Brent E. Huffman (Afghanistan, 2014)
  28. Silence in the Courts by Prasanna Vithanage (Sri Lanka, 2015)
  29. Tashi’s Turbine by Amitabh Raj Joshi (Nepal, 2014)
  30. The F Word by Saba Rehman (India, 2014)
  31. The Journey Within by Mian Adnan Ahmad (Pakistan, 2014)
  32. The Poison Thorn by Farzana Boby (Bangladesh, 2014)
  33. The Road I Know by Yirmiyan Arthur Yhome (India, 2015)
  34. Tomorrow We Disappear by Jimmy Goldblum & Adam Weber (India, 2014)
  35. What the Fields Remember by Subasri Krishnan (India, 2015)

Congratulations to all the filmmakers and we all look forward to a vibrant comradeship between filmmakers from all the Southasian countries. The festival will start on the 19th and will continue on till the 22nd of November, 2015. Please mark your calendars for the festival and hope to see all of you there.