FSA Clearing House

The Clearinghouse of Southasian Non-Fiction Films functions as an affiliate of the non-profit Film Southasia organisation. Overall, while the FSA festivals are held once every two years, the Clearinghouse serves as a continuous forum for the propagation of Southasian documentaries. The marketing exercise of the Clearinghouse is conducted in a transparent basis, relying on agreements for non-exclusive representation arrangements with filmmakers. Income from the Clearinghouse is used exclusively for the purpose of promoting the cause of Southasian non-fiction film, for now through its support of the FSA organisation.


The filmmakers of the films in our archive are charter members of the Clearinghouse of Southasian Non-fiction Films. Many of these filmmakers already have contracts with us granting us official distribution rights for their respective films. For films which we do not have distribution rights for, we shall contact the filmmakers and direct interested buyers to them or their distributors.

The films can be purchased for non-commercial purposes through the Clearinghouse. See Terms and Conditions of Sale. They may be ordered by email (fsa@filmsouthasia.org) or phone.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

1. License
Clearinghouse of Southasian Non-fiction Films (hereinafter called Clearinghouse), grants Customer and Customer accepts from Clearinghouse the limited license under copyright to exhibit one or more of the film(s) purchased by the Customer, for non-commercial, non-broadcast purposes in accordance with the following terms of said purchase, in the DVD format.

Customer acknowledges that the film(s) may not be duplicated, broadcast, screened publicly, transmitted by cable or otherwise and be used strictly for private and educational purposes. Customer shall exhibit the film(s) only as herein specified and no other purpose.

2. Price
a. Prices of the film(s) have been determined by filmmakers and cannot be negotiated by the Clearinghouse.

b. These prices are subject to change without notice.

3. Payment and Delivery
a. The Customer shall pay the price for each film as specified by Clearinghouse which is inclusive of the shipping charge (applied for Non-Southasians only). Southasians will have to pay an extra amount equivalent to that of the delivery charge.

b. The Customer shall pay any applicable tax over and above the quoted price of the film for delivery.
Shipment will not be processed until full payment is received.

c. All films are available in DVD format.

d. Clearinghouse will dispatch to Customer the film ordered within 7 days of receipt of payment. Clearinghouse will not be in breach of this agreement for failure to deliver any film(s) by any requested date and shall not be liable for incidental or consequential damages.

e. All film(s) will be sent via courier.

f. All sales of film(s) are final; no returns or exchanges are accepted.

g. The Clearinghouse is cleared of the responsibility of delivery once the film(s) has been dispatched by courier. While all efforts will be made to ensure adequate protection of the film(s) during shipping, the Clearinghouse is not responsible for any damage to the film(s) while in transit or for non-receipt of the film(s).

4. Prevention of Performance 
If Clearinghouse is unable to dispatch or prevented from dispatching any film(s) by reason of governmental action, regulation or order or by reason of natural calamities, labour dispute, riot, war, catastrophe, or the unavailability of the film(s) in the format ordered, or without limiting the foregoing any cause beyond the control of Clearinghouse, this license shall be terminated as to such film(s) without liability to either party. In that case any payment made will be returned to buyer after deduction of any applicable bank charges.

For more information on films available through the Clearinghouse, contact FSA director NayanTara Gurung Kakshapati at +977-1-5552141 or email fsa@filmsouthasia.org