Call for Entries – FSA’17 Submissions are now open


Submission Deadline: July 15, 2017

Please read the FSA regulations carefully before filling in your submission form. Information provided will also be used for the Festival catalogue if your submission is selected. Use a separate form for each entry. You will receive a confirmation email (at the address you list in your contacts) once your online submission form has been successfully received. Should you have any trouble with this online submission form, please download a .doc or .pdf  file and email it to with subject as Submission for FSA 2017.

Please note, Film Southasia requires filmmakers to submit two DVDs of the submitted film (address below, at the end of the form) to complete the submission process. Submitting online screeners helps expedite FSA’s selection process but does not waive this requirement.


Original title of documentary film (required)

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The film was shot in- include aspect ratio, type of camera and editing format

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If selected, do you agree to allow your film to be screened non-commercially at other venues in Southasia and overseas as part of Travelling Film South Asia after FSA ’17?
(A ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ will not influence selection) - ( required )


Name, address and phone number of the person/organisation the final entry should be returned to:

I guarantee that, if my film is selected, I will send it to FSA in one of the following formats by 30 September 2017:

MP4MOVMPGOthers (please specify)

Video Codec (required):

AVC/h.264/x264 (recommended)mpeg2

Audio Codec (required):

AC3 (recommended)AACMP2/MP3

Video Resolution (required):

1920x10801440x10801280x720other (may be subjected to Remux/Transcode)

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Subtitles (required):

Hard Coded (burnt-in to video)(recommended hard coded into video area), not on the black bar outside of the video areaSoft Coded

Password-protected Online Screener


Password (if any):

Your submission will be complete once we receive 2 copies of your film in DVD format in the mail. Ideally, we would like to receive this within 2 weeks of receiving this submission form.

Please send in your film using a reliable courier service to:

The Southasia Trust
GPO Box: 42
Shridarbartol - 44702
Patandhoka, Lalitpur
Phone: +977 1 5552141
+977 9841600316 (Smita Magar)