Current TFSA package

Southasia and the World
The diverse and unifying package of Travelling Film Southasia 2016

Film Southasia has selected 11 exceptional nonfiction productions of the last two years to create the Travelling Film Southasia 2016 package.  The films have been selected from the 42 documentary and non-fiction films screened in the competitive section of Film Southasia 2015, held in Kathmandu.

The TFSA tradition started with the first Film Southasia festival held in Kathmandu in September 1997.  Since then, following each biennial ‘mother festival’, a selection of films is packaged and tours regionally and globally.

TFSA 2016 encapsulates a flavour of the Subcontinent with films from Nepal, Burma, India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka. The package includes the award winners at FSA 2015 as well as other films selected to showcase the variety, treatment and intensity that marks the world of Southasian documentary and non-fiction.



  1. A Walnut Tree

 Pakistan |  2015  |  81 mins |  Directed by Ammar Aziz

  1. Tyres

 Burma |  2013  | 30 mins | Directed by Kyaw Myo Lwin

  1. Khoon Diy Baarav (Blood Leaves It’s Trail)

India |  2015 |  93 mins |  Directed by Iffat Fatima

  1. On and Off the Records

India |  2014  |   56 mins  | Directed by Pratik Biswas

  1. Drawing the Tiger

Nepal |   2015   |  92 mins |  Directed by Ramyata Limbu, Amy Benson and Scott Squire

  1. News from Jaffna

Sri Lanka | 2014  |  28 mins |  Directed by Kannan Arunasalam

  1. Muzaffarnagar Baqi Hai

India |  2015  | 136 mins |  Directed by Nakul Singh Sawhney

  1. Accsex

India |  2013 |  52 mins  |  Directed by Shweta Ghosh

  1. Cities of Sleep

India | 2014  |  74  mins |  Directed by Shaunak Sen

  1. The Journey Within

Pakistan  |  2014  |  86 mins  |  Directed by Mian Adnan Ahmad

  1. My Name is Salt

India  |   2013  |   92 mins | Directed by Farida Pacha.

The TFSA 2016 package travels with the willing authorization of the individual filmmakers on the understanding that the screenings are ‘non-commercial’ (see Hosting TFSA 2016 for definition of the term). The FSA Secretariat encourages organizers, educators, academics, student groups and film enthusiasts in towns and cities large and small—all over Southasia and overseas—to consider hosting TFSA and bringing a taste of this diverse yet unifying package of documentaries to audiences. The TFSA 2016 package is ideally screened together as a complete film festival. The package is also useful for academic purposes at educational institutions. Please note that one city can easily have more than one TFSA festival.