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"Festival of southasian documentries"

Challenging the sighted what it means to see

Friends from Rotary Club, Rotary E-Club and Nepal Association for Blind Welfare attending the screening of Algorithms.

Day two kicked off with “Algorithms”, a ninety-minute documentary on the world of blind chess. Chess is a game of the mind, one of the proponents of blind chess featured in the film comments. Therefore, it is the only game where, potentially, blind players are on an equal footing to sighted players. There is no good reason why a blind player shouldn’t become the Grand Master, and this is the goal of all who play.

“Algorithms” featured three teenaged Indian players, all with differing levels of blindness and vision impairment–one totally blind from birth, another went blind as a young child, and the other is slowly losing his sight. Touches of humour appeared in the film–these players are, after all, young boys, and are upset when they lose.

Many blind and vision-impaired people were part of the audience, so it was a shame that, as a representative of the film stated before it began, no captions had been made for the vision-impaired yet: “Algorithms” was a very visual film. It very importantly demonstrated to the sighted members of the audience a community that most of us too easily overlook, but not making this film accessible to the people it featured was a drawback.

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