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The Salt Stories

Directed by Lalit Vachani | |



In 1930, a group of Indians led by a frail, elderly man marched 241 miles. They marched for salt. Mahatma Gandhi was able to craft an anti-colonial, nationalist movement around a basic issue of livelihood: the right of Indians to make and consume their own salt. Almost eight decades later, the film retraces Gandhi’s steps, following the famous Dandi salt march trail in a film that focuses on the issues of livelihood in modern, globalising India.

[director]Lalit Vachani is the director of the New Delhi based Wide Eye Film. He studied at St. Stephen’s College, Delhi University and at the Anneberg School for Communication, University of Pennsylvania, USA. His previous documentary films, The Academy and The Starmaker, have been on the star-system and the social worlds within the Bollywood film industry. His other films The Boy in the Branch (FSA ’97) and The Men in the Tree (FSA ’03) were on the indoctrination, ideology and politics of Hindutva propagated by the Hindu fundamentalist organization RSS. His most recent work is The Play Goes On, a documentary about JANAM, a socialist street theatre group in India. [/director]


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