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Aadesh Baba, So Be It

Directed by Adrien Viel | |



In Kathmandu, Tiger Baba has become an aghori sadhu, a holy man. With a dark look, painted face and almost naked body, Baba fascinates some and frightens others. Aadesh Baba is the story of the sadhu’s quest for the divine. But men have to set themselves free from pain to reach eternity. Between alcoholic drifts and holy life, will Tiger Baba succeed?

[director]Aurore Laurent is 31 years old. After studying at Aix-En-Provence, where she worked mainly with video, she decided to begin cinema studies at ESRA School in Paris. It is while travelling in Siberia, China and India that she initiated herself into documentary work, by means of photography. She wonders about the future of individuals in a world in constant revolution, and considers documentary to be a medium by which to tell stories with a universal dimension.

Adrien Viel is 29 years old. During his cinema studies at ESRA School in Paris, Viel made several short films, including one against the Olympics in China that was broadcast on Reporter without Border’s website. In his documentary work he is influenced by anthropology; he sees the genre as able to suggest ‘other visions’ of people while also transcending reality. [/director]


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Director :   Adrien Viel, Aurore Laurent
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