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Apour ti yapour. Na jang na aman. Yeti chu talukpeth

Directed by Ajay Raina | |



Apour ti yapour. Na jang na aman. Yeti chu talukpeth. delves into the untranslatable in Kashmir, mapping the distance that Kashmiris have travelled, emotionally and psychologically, from the idea of India. Twenty years of turmoil and the consequent Indian state response may have brought Kashmir to a point from which there is nowhere else to go. This is the third film by Ajay Raina in a continuing series about the consequences of the Kashmir dispute on its marginalised and those it marginalises.

[director]Ajay Raina has been making documentary films about Kashmir, where he spent his formative years. His film with PSBT, Tell Them the Tree They Had Planted Has now Grown, won the Golden Conch at MIFF 2002, the RAPA award and IDPA Silver trophy. His Film Wapsi won the National Award in 2005.[/director]




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