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Auntie Ganga

Directed by Asmita Shrish | |



Auntie Ganga is the story of an old woman living in Aldershot with her husband, an ex-Gurkha soldier, who has served the British army for 30 years and is now partially deaf. This film looks at the daily struggles of women like Auntie Ganga to blend in with the society in spite of cultural and language barriers. The film also explores the circumstances of an old and worn out relationship with her husband and her current relationship with the society. With her lively character this film makes us realize how important community becomes as one ages.

[director]This is Director Asmita Shrish’s project for Summer Documentary School 2013 at the National Film and Television School.  She says she heard about Auntie Ganga through her family and was intrigued and impressed by her energy when she finally met her. She decided to follow her life in this film to know how ex-Gurkha soldiers live and what difficulties they face after moving to the UK in their old age. The experience of working on the film was a lesson in understanding the importance of community life for her.[/director]


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Director :   Asmita Shrish
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