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Children of God

Directed by Yi Seung-jun | |



Where there is life, there is death. At the crematorium at the Pashupatinath temple in Kathmandu, there are many whose livelihoods depend on the ritual of death. Among them are the children who live off the food and money drifting in the water after being used as offerings for the funerals. Aryaghat is a holy ground for the Hindus, but for these children it is a playground, a home and also a place where they earn a living. Children of God takes an in-depth look at the children who struggle just to stay alive.

[director]Yi Seung-jun graduated from the Department of Asian History at Seoul National University. Yi has portrayed stories of the neglected class through independent documentaries and TV programmes such as the Invisible War – India Bihar Report in 2000 and Breathing in a Wasteland in 2002.[/director]


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Director :   Yi Seung-jun
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