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Children of The Pyre

Directed by Rajesh S Jala | |



The film is a compelling self-narrative of seven extraordinary children making their living out of the dead. They spend their days and nights in the heat of the pyre, steal used coffin shrouds, sell them for petty amounts in order to ensure their own livelihoods and that of their families. Strengthened by the adversities they face, the kids weave through the pyres, struggling through the contempt heaped on them. Laughing, smiling, weeping, fighting and shouting, these Children of the Pyre run the race of survival, winning it again and again, everyday.

[director]Rajesh S Jala was born in Kashmir in 1969. He has shot, directed and produced documentaries since 1997. In 2006, he made his debut documentary feature, Floating Lamp of the Shadow Valley, which was selected for the Amsterdam Documentary Film Festival, Palm Springs Film Festival and Raindance Film Festival in London. Children of the Pyre is his second documentary.[/director]


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Director :   Rajesh S Jala
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