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Common Ground

Directed by Philip Buccellato | |



Animals that have been symbolically embedded in our cultures for centuries are now disappearing at alarming rates. The importance of these animals in our lives is often overlooked, but animals are truly symbols that not only inspire us but are also essential for a healthy future. Animals are religious deities and majestic icons. They have provided companionship, carried us on their shoulders and ploughed our fields. Few are as awe-inspiring as the elephant.

For thousands of years, across Asia, humans and elephants have lived side by side in a relatively peaceful coexistence. That relationship is now being threatened due to increasing human populations and loss of elephant habitats, posing a serious threat to the elephant’s continued existence. While this is a widespread concern all across Asia and Africa, it is nowhere more apparent than in Sri Lanka. What lies beneath the often-destructive consequences of human elephant conflict is a common story that both man and animal shares.

[director]Philip Buccellato was born and raised in northern New Jersey and currently lives in Brooklyn, New York. Buccellato spent two years at an art school in Baltimore, and later transferred into and graduated from the NYU film program. Over the years, he has worked in the art department for a host of notable directors, including Wes Anderson, Charlie Kaufman and Mira Nair. But eventually he realised his heart was in documentary film. As the founder and creative director of Greener Media, his arts background blends seamlessly with his passion for non-fiction storytelling. Some feature documentary films he’s been involved with are Calvin & Sweetpea, I Think We’re Alone Now, Wild Combination, Why We Love Cats and Dogs and Common Ground.[/director]


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