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Dharavi, Slum for Sale

Directed by Lutz Konermann | |



The elephant has awoken. Bombay, India’s gateway to the West, has reinvented itself – and emerged as Mumbai, a modern, self-confident commercial metropolis. A magnet for the hopes of the rich and poor. But with thousands of migrants pouring in every day, half of its almost 20 million inhabitants is forced to live in slums, between the cracks of the official city. The biggest of these slums is called Dharavi. Ten years ago, US-trained architect Mukesh Mehta came back to India to usher in a new turn in Mumbai’s slum-rehabilitation policies. His formula is public-private partnership. Billions of dollars could be made – if the responsibility for a radical makeover of Dharavi were to be put into the hands of private investors. The government has been persuaded by Mehta’s vision and has appointed him as the consultant for the Dharavi Redevelopment Project. While thousands of families living and working in the slum are facing the threat of being evicted, Dharavi is becoming a test case. Not only for Mumbai or India, but for the future of the underprivileged of the entire world.

[director]Lutz Konermann was born in 1958. He has worked on numerous fiction and documentary films as director, writer and cinematographer. He is also a professor at the Film Akademie in Ludwigburg, Germany and has several German Film Awards under his belt.[/director]


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Director :   Lutz Konermann
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