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Director Painter Shri Baburao Laad Saheb

Directed by Richa Hushing | |



Baburao Laad Saheb is an actor, director, producer, mentor and cameraman. He runs the 5 Star Acting Achool from his 10×10 ft home in the dense slum of Dharavi. The acting school, which offers classes for acting romantic, fighting ferocious and dancing sexy, is thronged by pupil of all age groups. The Bollywood aspiration permeates into the lowest layers of the city, and the failed actor turns into a local icon.

[director]Richa Hushing is a freelance documentary filmmaker and an editor. She graduated from the Film and Television Institute of India in 2005 specialising in Television Direction. In 2006/07 she directed and edited a documentary commissioned by the Public Service Broadcasting Trust, titled Love Song…, questioning conventional notions of marriage, belonging, sexuality and morality in urban India; it was telecast on Doordarshan and screened at the Vibgyor International Film Festival 2008. Since 2008/09 she has directed the Dharavi Documentation Project, funded by Majlis, the Global Fund for Women and the Community Youth Collective. Currently she is directing two documentaries, one on tribal life in Nicobar post-tsunami, and another on the sacred groves of Maharashtra.[/director]


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