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Flames of Freedom

Directed by Subrat Kumar Sahu | |



The film captures the spontaneous uprising of the Shudras (Dalits, Adivasis, and OBCs) against age-old Brahmanic-Feudal machinations still prevalent in full force with the sanction of the democratic Indian State… A sleepy, idyllic Indian village, Ichchapur in Odisha’s Kalahandi district, suddenly wakes up to take on the brutally oppressive Brahmanic order that had enslaved the original inhabitants for nearly two centuries, after grabbing all the resources that once belonged to them. What began with a fight to retain their tiny cultural space (shrine of their deity) – the only identity they were left with – the Shudras of Ichchapur tuned the resistance into a powerful socio-political war against their oppressors, to reclaim their lost land and resources. In an unprecedented move, the Shudras have ‘ostracized’ the Brahmins in the village resulting in complete collapse of the latter’s socio-economic dominance. As one young leader of the village says: “We shall root out Brahmanism first from Ichchapur, then from Kalahandi, then from Odisha, and finally from entire India. This is just the beginning.”


Subrat Sahu’s filmography includes: I Sing, Therefore I Am (2008) that won the ‘Best film’ for ‘Integral Realization’ category at the San Francisco Short Film Festival 2008; ‘Special Mention’ at the Festival de Cine Internacional de Barcelona (2008); ‘Best documentary’ at the Golden Gate Documentary and Fiction Festival 2008 and Best direction at the Chicago Short Film Festival 2008; DAMaged! (2009); Drops (2010); Sambhav: It’s Possible! (2012) — Awarded the Second Prize for Best Film at the International WeCare Film Festival; Mlechcha Sanhaara: India’s Kalki Project [Annihilation Of The Non-Aryan Barbarians] (2013); Ho Gayi Hai Pir Parvat Si: The Mountains Agonized (still under completion, 2017)



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