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I Was Worth 50 Sheep

Directed by Nima Sarvestani | |



I Was Worth 50 Sheep is the story of a girl in Afghanistan, Sabere, and her struggle for life. Sabere has a price on her head. When she was just ten years old, she was sold to a man forty years her senior. After seven years of confinement and abuse she escaped to find temporary refuge in a women’s sanctuary. Now she is again at risk, as her husband will kill her on sight.

The camera picks up Sabere at the point where she has once again made contact with her family, and faces the decision of whether to stay in the safety of the sanctuary or to rejoin her family. For the family it is a dangerous game of cat and mouse as they move from location to location, always trying to stay one step ahead of her husband. Only divorce can set Sabere free, but under Islamic law she will only get a divorce if she can bring her husband to court. But her husband is a member of the Taliban, far beyond the reach of the law. With desperation mounting, Sabere’s stepfather proposes an audacious plan. They try to mount a ‘sting’ that would simultaneously to capture her husband and to free Sabere from his clutches. But for it to work, Sabere will have to meet her husband. All the while the family dreads receiving the telephone call that will seal the fate of Sabere’s ten-year-old sister.

Filmed over a period of two years in Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan, I Was Worth 50 Sheep is a simple and moving story of one family’s struggle to survive.

[director]Nima Sarvestani started his career as a journalist in Iran and has been concentrating on documentary filmmaking since moving to Sweden in 1984. Focusing on social and political issues, he is inspired by those who fight passionately for their cause. His earlier films are On the Border of Desperation (2008), Iranian Kidney Bargain Sale (2006), Dead Man’s Guest (2003), Naked and Wind (2002), Many Years Later (1999) and The Evil Cycle (1998). I Was Worth 50 Sheep (2010) is his latest production.[/director]


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