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Immoral Daughters

Directed by Nakul Singh Sawhney | |



‘Immoral Daughters’ is about five young Jat women of who dared to resist. Through their stories, the documentary introduces their struggle to take on the powerful Khap elders and confront ‘honour’ crimes, injustice and social boycotts. Their chilling experiences are intercut with the viewpoint of the Khap leaders who believe “our asabhya betiyan (immoral daughters), in the name of equality, behave like animals and want our age-old customs to die out.” The Khaps, who epitomise the patriarchal and casteist pillars of a feudal society, oppose ‘self-choice’ marriages and deny young people the right to love. The film travels through the continuing scenario of violence, casteism, and feudal and patriarchal oppression in India, and searches for resistance and love.

[director]Nakul Singh Sawhney directed his first film in 2005, With a Little Help from My Friends, which won the award for the 2nd best film at the 60 Seconds to Fame Film festival in Chennai. He then completed a course in TV direction at the FTII, Pune, during 2005-06. At the Film Institute, he directed Agaurav and Undecided that won awards for the 2nd Best Film and Best Director respectively at the Hyderabad International Film Festival. After completing his course, he made a feature length documentary Once Upon a Time in Chheharta, on the history of the working class movement of Chheharta, Amritsar. Nakul also works with theatre troupes and has been actively involved with the Jana Natya Manch since 2003.



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Director :   Nakul Singh Sawhney
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