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Inshallah, Football!

Directed by Ashvin Kumar | |



left his home in Kashmir to join the training camps in Pakistan in the early 90s, his son Basharat was two months old. Basharat Baba belongs to a new generation of Kashmiris. He has grown up under the shadow of a silent war. Yet, within it, football is his passion and fuel.

For the past three years, Marcos, an Argentinean/Brazilian national, and a FIFA-accredited football coach by profession, has made his presence felt in Basharat’s life, having made his home in this paradoxical land. Marcos aspires to develop world-class players from Kashmir. Bridging great cultural distance, Marcos started a football academy called ISAT; and an exchange programme to Brazil for his most talented players. Basharat is one of them, and his scholarship to play football in the land of legendary Pele is a possibility that has fairy tale qualities for him. The irony is that Basharat has been denied a passport by the Government of India. His crime? That he was born the son of a militant.

A deeply personal, moving narrative about father and son, the dreams of Kashmiri youth, stone-pelters and the state of Indian democracy.

[director]Ashvin Kumar is the youngest Indian writer/director with an Academy Award Oscar nomination, and is also the first Indian to be nominated at the European Film Academy with his film Little Terrorist, which has been part of official selections to over 130 film festivals, winning awards in 25 of them, including the British Academy of Film and Television (BAFTA). Ashvin’s first film was his student film, Road To Ladakh, starring Irrfan Khan and Koel Purie. His first feature film, The Forest (2008) is a thriller with an ecological message, a chilling tale of a man-eating leopard set in the jungles of North India. [/director]


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