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Life Begins with Tears

Directed by Simon Chambers | |



Following on from the hugely popular “Every Good Marriage begins with Tears”, Simon Chambers brings us this tender and heartfelt film which subverts the usual power relations between the documentary filmmaker and subject. Shana is a wild and unruly Bangladeshi young woman from London. Torn between her outspoken independence and her family’s traditional values, Shana secretly marries a devout Muslim boy from Bangladesh because she thinks he will make a good father for the child she desperately wants. Her disapproving father refuses to talk to her, while she is not sure that her new husband will approve of her western lifestyle. When the UK immigration department refuses to allow the chosen groom to come to London, Shana asks her filmmaker friend Simon to make a film with her about her life, in the belief that the magical power of film will encourage her unborn child to join her in this world.

[director]Simon Chambers made Every Good Marriage Begins With Tears (FSA ‘07), which was about the same character as his new film Life Begins With Tears. The film screened at festivals all around the world and won many prizes. His film Cowboys in India, about mining development in Orissa, India, was screened at FSA ‘09 and has also won several prizes. He has made films for BBC and Channel 4 in the UK, and teaches at the National Film and Television School in London.[/director]


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