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Man and the Ocean (Sagar Manav)

Directed by Tanumoy Bose | |



The hardships of the working class are mostly ignored by a society that runs on rich dreams.

Chaman Bhai Charlie is a man full of life, who can be a charmer at a public gathering. He works as a lighthouse attendant in Samiyani a small island spread across a length of 1 km. The island is situated in Gulf of Kutch almost 2 kms away from the Okha port. Every evening for 15 days he sees the lights shimmer at the Okha coast and goes to sleep. After 15 days, he leaves the island and another man replaces him. But his struggle continues in Lighthouse headquarters at Okha and his home in Dwarka.

[director]Tanumoy Bose is a post-graduate film student from National Institute of Design, India. His interest lies in exploring the loneliness of human existence. He believes that an artist’s job is not to succumb to despair, but to find an antidote for the emptiness of human existence.[/director]


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Director :   Tanumoy Bose
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