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Moving to Mars

Directed by Mat Whitecross | |



Moving to Mars follows two refugee families from Burma over the course of a year that will change their lives completely. Forced from their homeland by the repressive military junta, they have lived in a Thai refugee camp, some for nearly twenty years. A resettlement scheme offers them the chance of a new life; but their new home, in the British city of Sheffield, will be different to everything they have ever known.

[director]Mat Whitecross won the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival for his co-direction of The Road to Guantanamo (with acclaimed director Michael Winterbottom) in 2006. Since then, he has co-directed The Shock Doctrine, a documentary based on the bestselling book by Naomi Klein, and Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll, a biopic of musician Ian Dury. Moving to Mars is his solo directorial debut on a feature documentary.[/director]


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Director :   Mat Whitecross
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