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No Fire Zone

Directed by Callum Macrae | |




‘No Fire Zone’ is the definitive story of the final, traumatic months of the 26 year-long Sri Lankan civil war, as told by the people who lived through it. While the world looked away, around 40,000 to 70,000 civilians were killed – mostly through Sri Lankan government shelling, while the Tamil Tigers also stand accused of war crimes. The documentary is a chilling expose of some of the worst war crimes recorded in recent times. The film is made up of the personal stories of the subjects, and some of the most dramatic and disturbing video evidence ever recorded. The viscerally powerful footage documents the day-to-day horrors of the Sri Lankan war, recorded by the victims as well as perpetrators on mobile phones and small cameras, from inside crude bunkers and over-crowded makeshift hospitals.

[director]Director Callum Macrae has been making films for 20 years in the UK and around the world, including Iraq, Japan, Haiti and several in Africa – covering wars and conflicts in Cote D’Ivoire, Uganda, Mali, and Sudan. His films have ranged from observational documentaries to current affairs investigations including three major investigations into allegations of coalition crimes in Iraq. Some of his films are polemical, some light-hearted, but usually with a focus on the unheard and disenfranchised. His most recent major projects were the two TV documentaries on the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka for Channel 4 and an expose of Khartoum’s war on the Nuba people of South Kordofan for Al Jazeera. He’s a Bafta nominee and has won a large number of awards including two Royal Television Society awards, two One World awards, an Indie award, an Amnesty award and the Columbia DuPont Broadcast journalism award for his work in Japan after the Tsunami. As a writer he won the Campaigning Journalist Award. This year he was named as number two in Broadcast’s 100 hottest Directors list and awarded a Scottish Bafta Special Achievement Award. [/director]


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