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Re tracing Freedom Goa Chapter

Directed by Prateek Vats | |



The film was made during the 2015 edition of the International Film Festival of India. It was an extraordinary event as it was the first edition where, fearing protests from students, the entire student section of films was dropped from the festival. Two independent artists were assaulted and apprehended by security personnel at the opening ceremony of the festival. The two were arrested for holding banners and shouting slogans in opposition of the government’s vindictive mishandling of events at the FTII – the premiere film school in the country. Both protestors were manhandled and false cases of conspiracy, trespassing and assault were put on them. What followed was a police controlled film festival with Sec.144 IPC (which makes any gathering of 5 or more people illegal) being applied through the course of the festival.

This film is about the events that unfolded in IFFI that year which culminated in a parallel festival of protest launched by students, filmmakers and the civil society of Goa. The film was screened at the International Documentary and short film festival of Kerala (IDSFFK), 2016.


Prateek is an independent filmmaker and writer based out Mumbai/Goa. A graduate of the film direction course from Film & Television Institute of India, he has been working on both fiction as well as non-fiction films. He has recently completed his first feature length documentary film. His filmography includes: After Dark; Kasbe Ka; Kal, 15th August, Dukaan Bandh Rahegi; A Very Old Man With Enormous Wings; and I.D.



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