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Saving Mes Aynak

Directed by Brent E. Huffman | |



An archaeologist races against time to save a 2.000-year-old Buddhist archaeological site in Afghanistan threatened by a Chinese copper mine and Taliban attacks. Only 10% of Mes Aynak has been excavated and experts believe future discoveries have the potential to redefine the history of Afghanistan and of Buddhism itself. The film presents a conflict between cultural preservation and economic opportunity.

[director]Brent E. Huffman is an award-winning director, producer and cinematographer of documentaries and television programs. His work ranges from documentaries aired on The Discovery Channel, The National Geographic Channel, NBC, CNN, PBS and Al Jazeera, to Sundance Film Festival premieres, to ethnographic films made for the China Exploration and Research Society.  He has also directed, produced, shot, and edited short documentaries for online outlets like The New York Times, TIME, Salon, Huffington Post and PBS Arts. He is also Assistant Professor at the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University where he teaches documentary production and theory. [/director]



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Director :   Brent E. Huffman
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