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Split Ends

Directed by Rajan Kathet | |



Split Ends is the story of Nepali migrants in Europe. Somehow, they ended up in Lisbon in their quest of the European dream and, over time, have become regular customers at a salon owned by a Nepalese man. As loose ends of hair are trimmed away, their stories too unravel. An ordinary barbershop is thus transformed into a refuge where experiences are shared and advice is sought and given.


Rajan Kathet, born 1988 in Nepal, is a filmmaker who has written and directed national and international award winning films. He has just graduated from his Joint Masters in Documentary Film Direction at DOCNOMADS (Portugal, Hungary and Belgium) 2014-16, with the support of an Erasmus Plus Scholarship. His first feature length Serdhak The Golden Hill has travelled in many international film festivals. His screenplay for feature length Dokh was awarded first prize at a national screenwriting competition (2nd New Nepali Cinema Script Writing Competition 2013).

His filmography includes Maya (Short- In Development Phase) – The project was selected for development at Short Film Station of the Berlinale Talents 2017, Berlin; Bhakal (Feature Documentary in Production phase); Split Ends (2015); Where is my cursor? (Short 2015); Serdhak The Golden Hill (Fiction Feature, 2014). It won an honourable mention at Cervino CineMountain, 2016 (Italy); He has also been assistant director for two films Talking To The Air and Mokshya. (Both 2013).



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