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Sri Lanka, ghosts of war

Directed by Fabrice Launay | |



Seven years after the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka, French journalist Vanessa Dougnac travels through the North of the country searching for testimonies and remains of the conflict. Thousands of civilians were estimated killed in the last months, when the Sri Lankan army launched its final offensive to crush the Tamil Tigers. The documentary tells about the mechanism of a so-called war on terror. It offers the victims the possibility to go against the official version of a perfectly-led military operation, and speak about their own dreadful experiences.


Vanessa Dougnac has been working as a journalist based in New Delhi for the last 15 years. She writes for the French newspapers Le Point and La Croix, and for Le Temps and Le Soir.
She is particularly interested in stories involving communities facing contemporary challenges. She covers forgotten wars like the Kashmir insurgency or Maoists guerillas in India and Nepal. So far, she is the only Western woman to have met and covered the Maoist movement inside their stronghold in India. She was sent to Sri Lanka for the first time in 2005. She repeatedly went there to cover the ongoing war with the aim of highlighting the critical situation of the civilian population.



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Director :   Fabrice Launay, Vanessa Dougnac
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