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The Market

Directed by Rama Rau | |



In India, the fishermen who witnessed the 2004 tsunami refuse to go back to the sea and their wives are now selling their kidneys to feed their families. Hema wants to sell her kidney to pay off family debts but there is no guarantee she will get paid and losing a kidney will undermine her ability to work. In Canada, Sandra’s kidneys are failing. She has been on a new kidney waiting list for five years. Two families. Two journeys. One end. To find a kidney, someone has to lose one…

[director]Rama Rau is a writer-director who trained in films on one of the largest film sets in Mumbai. Now based in Toronto, her passion is to make films that are cross-cultural and examine ‘the extraordinariness of ordinary lives’. Rama has won the Tom Shoebridge Screenwriting Award, received the ‘Filmmaker of the Year’ award by the Toronto Business Forum and has been named a Quebecor Fellow of DOC, Toronto. She is an alumnus of the Doc Lab at Hot Docs and has served on various arts council juries as well as on the DOC Toronto Board.[/director]


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Director :   Rama Rau
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