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The Scar

Directed by PRADIP GHOSH | |



Year 1999: The 12th National Conference of the country’s largest cultural organisation, Bangladesh Udichi Shilpigosthi was going on at the Open arena of Town Hall in Jessore. On the last day of the three-day long conference, 10 people were killed in a bomb attack by communal terrorists. The attacks never stopped after that. They continued on a regular basis, either on a political party, or on the common people. On 08 December 2005, the district branch office of Udichi in Netrokona came under attack once again. Cultural activists were killed again. Thousands of people have become disabled for the rest of their lives. The first attack of the communal terrorists was upon Udichi and the last one was also on Bangladesh Udichi Shilpigosthi. This documentary depicts the painful stories of the countrymen between the years of 1999 and 2005.


Pradip Ghosh’s filmography includes: Garai,The Untold Story (2016) ; Madonna 43 ( 2015); Vasanpani (2014); Dipantorar Rajbondi (2013).



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