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The Superstars of Koti

Directed by Anuj Adlakha | |



Koti, India is a mountainous village inhabited by an ancient community defined by the culture of Deity worship. The Superstars of Koti is a narrative about three adolescents connected through their unshakable faith in the Deity.  Twelve-year old Devdass is part of the Dholak (drum) playing community and his claim of being possessed by the deity is challenged by Kuldeep, studying in the city and belonging to the Khash – senior most in an age-old hierarchy crafted by the deity. Ramprakash, 14, originally from Nepal has more than a roadside restaurant to take care of. He anticipates a divine change at the hands of the deity. The boys battle through a never-ending effort of assertion and ownership of the Gods of their forefathers.

The three stories are witness to identity crises, to clashing hierarchies and to reinstating age-old ones. The film offers a keen glimpse into adolescence, exploring lost friendships, tracing the path from dishonor to redemption and describing the intricacies and anomalies of the age. The Superstars seem to shine above all of it.

[director]Anuj Adlakha and Farha Alam are independent filmmakers who have been collaborating since 2010, when they were both pursuing a Master’s degree in Mass Communication & Film Making. With a keen interest in hyperlink cinema, they share a desire to tell stories which are driven by compelling characters. The Superstars of Koti is their first documentary feature. Sometimes when they forget their cameras at home, they try out new local food, look for odd jobs and search for new characters. They are based out of New Delhi, India, and can be reached on and [/director]



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Director :   Anuj Adlakha, Farha Alam
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