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The Truth That Wasn’t There

Directed by Guy Gunaratne | |



In 2009, three student journalists crossed the frontlines in the wake of Sri Lanka’s civil war, the only independent journalists to have done so. They witnessed the trail of destruction and documented everything they saw on 30 hours of tape and over 4000 photographs. Having received unprecedented military-guided access to civilian IDP Camps and the final battlegrounds of the Tamil Tigers, this is the story of what they found.

[director]Guy Gunaratne is a director of Sri Lankan origin. He received an MA in current affairs journalism in 2009 and a year later, he and partner Heidi Lindvall founded CODOC, a company that specialises in long-form documentary features to bring social and global issues to new audiences. The Truth That Wasn’t There is his debut feature.[/director]



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Director :   Guy Gunaratne
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