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The Unbearable Being of Lightness

Directed by Ramchandra PN | |



The film maker goes to the University of Hyderabad to conduct a film related workshop where the students have to observe and write a structured report using the sight and sounds of a crowded place. The place selected is a shopping area at the University called the Shopcom, which was the epicenter of the struggle for social justice launched immediately after the death of a research scholar, Rohit Vemula. Woven into this structure is the narration of an actor in Mangalore who reads out Rohit Vemula’s suicide note in a crowded mall. Portions of an article on Rohit’s family’s past written by journalist Sudipto Mondal are also being read out on a blank screen.


Ramchandra PN is an Indian filmmaker based in the city of Mumbai. He is a 1991 ‘Screenplay writing and Direction’ graduate from the Film and TV Institute of India, Asia’s premier film school situated in Poona. Over the years, he has been making documentaries, features, short films and TV programs; and also has been off and on involved in film academics. His first feature Suddha won the best indian film at the Osean Cinefan festival of Asian films in 2006 and his next film Putaani Party won the Best Children’s film at the 2009 Indian National Awards. His documentaries have been screened in various film festivals.



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