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This Road I Know

Directed by Yirmiyan Arthur Yhome | |



Synopsis: Captured as a personal narrative, “This Road I Know” traverses the main highway that runs through Nagaland and Manipur states, highlighting the changing experiences on the road over the years and introducing new dimensions and fears. It probes the complexities of identity while examining the ways violence is used there. The region’s militarization, and the effect that it has on people living there, is an obvious take-away from the film. But it also reflects a longing for a home that once was, nostalgia for the lost land of childhood and deep uncertainly about what is to come.


About the Director:Yirmiyan Arthur Yhome describes herself as a part-time but eager filmmaker. She holds a Masters in Mass Communication from the Mass Communication Research Centre, JamiaMilliaIslamia. Her final student film “My Lament, My Plea” won the Best Student Film award at the New Delhi Video Forum in 2001. Her last film “The Test” won the Best Film Award at the Red Ribbon International Film Festival at Accra, Ghana in 2011 and has gone on to be screened at various festivals to highlight stigma and discrimination related with HIV/AIDS. She is a Photo Editor with the Associated Press.


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Director :   Yirmiyan Arthur Yhome
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