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War and Love in Kabul

Directed by Helga Reidemeister | |



The Afghan lovers Hossein and Shaima are first separated by war, which leaves Hossein paralysed waist-down, and then by Shaima’s marriage to a man 40 years her senior. With a five-year-old daughter in tow, Shaima seeks divorce from her husband to be with the man she loves. But not only Shaima’s husband, but both Hossein and Shaima’s families are also against their union. For their love is subject to ancient tribal laws, and everyone involved lives in constant fear of vengeance.

[director] Helga Reidemeister was inspired to pursue filmmaking by the women living at a welfare housing district in Berlin, where she worked as a social worker. She subsequently went on to study film at the prestigious German Academy of Film and Television in Berlin. She has since directed, produced, and written over a dozen films, winning numerous accolades and awards, including at the German Film Awards and the Berlin International Film Festival. [/director]


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Director :   Helga Reidemeister
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