Film southasia

"Festival of southasian documentries"

Invitation: Impromptu panel discussion on CENSORSHIP

Film Southasia 2013 invites you to a panel discussion on CENSORSHIP with editor of Nepali Times Kunda Dixit, journalist Naryan Wagle, photographer and activist from Bangladesh Shahidul Alam and film maker from Burma Thet Oo Maung. Saturday, 5 October, 1PM at QFX Kumari, Hall 1.

This panel discussion has been arranged impromptu, in response to the restrictions placed on the screening of ‘No Fire Zone’ (Callum Macrae), ‘Broken’ and ‘The Story of One (Kannan Arunasalam). These were the three films from Sri Lanka selected for showing at FSA 2013. (The screening of the documentaries has being rescheduled, and will be shown outside the official festival venue at 6:30 pm on Saturday, 5th Oct, at YalaMaya Kendra, Patan Dhoka.)

The discussion will centre on censorship as a challenge to cultural expression, in print and electronic media. What is the situation of censorship around Southasia, and in Nepal? Why should film festivals not be subject to censorship. What are the issues of self-censorship as they apply to power and populism? What can film festivals, filmmakers and journalists do (or what are the ways to work around officially and unofficially) to fight the breach of freedom of expression, as has happened at Film Southasia 2013.

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