Film southasia

"Festival of southasian documentries"


31.10.2017 / TEHIKA NEWS

Five documentaries from Pakistan feature in Film Southasia 2017

Five documentaries from Pakistan are among 63 non-fiction films to be screened in Film Southasia 2017, the eleventh edition of the premiere non-fiction film festival for the region, in Kathmandu, Nepal. More

02.11.2017 / Nagarik

मेघालयको कोइलाखानीमा नेपाली

नेपालीहरू कामको खोजीमा विश्वका १ सय ६७ देशमा जाने तथ्यांक छ । त्यसमा पनि भारत जाने नेपालीको संख्या सर्वाधिक मानिन्छ । यसरी जाने नेपालीहरू अधिकांश समय मजदुरको रूपमा काम गर्छन् । More

27.10.2017 / Nepali Times

Documenting South Asia

Once relegated to an obscure corner of the film world dominated mainly by commercial feature movies, documentaries are now drawing more attention from both audiences and wider society. In this part of the world, Film Southasia, whose 11th edition unspools 2-5 November in Yalamaya Kendra, Patan, has been showcasing the best non-fiction in and about the subcontinent. More