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"Festival of southasian documentries"
Host a TFSA 2020 Package

Host a TFSA 2020 Package

The process is simple. To host a TFSA package in your city, university, cultural centre, you need to;

STEP 1: Buy a license (Full package is US$ 800 for outside Southasia and US$ 400 within the region)

STEP 2: Organize local venue, publicity and other logistics

Setup a schedule for online screenings of the films

STEP 3: We will send you the films digitally, along with publicity material before the screening dates and they will remain accessible till such time as the screening is over.

We will send you password protected expiring links that will be active only during a previously agreed upon time based on your online screening schedule.


*The TFSA package is often provided free of cost to students groups, film clubs, activist platforms in Southasia to promote the documentary medium and better understanding within the region.

*We are happy to introduce you to the film makers should you wish to invite them to your event/s. 

* Should you wish to invite an FSA representative to present the package and lead discussions on the films, you would need to bear travel and hosting costs for the person concerned. Alternately, in these pandemic times, you could have an FSA representative log in to introduce the films or conduct discussions should you so wish.


To discuss details, please email us